Ms. Iva Lovrec Štefanović

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Ms. IVA LOVREC ŠTEFANOVIĆ (1964) graduated in Musicology and Comparative Literature from University of Zagreb. Since 1988 she works at Croatian radio as journalist, author, host and producer of different radio shows and projects. She conceived more than 40 series of programs in different radio formats and topics ranging from early music, music for film and theater, specialized programs for contemporary and electronic music, and music documentaries. She has produced and hosted (or commentated) numerous live concerts broadcastings, and some special concert projects in StudioBajsić.
Most important project is the series of live talk show programs about Croatian music (Paths of Croatian Music, since 2000.), and for that project she was awarded twice by the Croatian Composers Society and also by Croatian Radio Television.
She has produced music documentaries since 2006., and from 2012. she launches series Oda-birano for adaptation of selected international programs, but also produces radioscapes of different formats as author and/or editor – some of them are noticed and nominated, shortlisted or awarded on international radio festivals (New York Radio Festivals, Prix Europa, Prix Marulić, Prix Italia).