Project #synergy of KotorArt Don Branko´s Music Days supported by the EU!

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KotorArt Don Branko´s Music Days ‘project entitled #synergy has been supported with 410 930 Euros upon the invitation of Creative Europe for supporting the cooperation projects in the West Balkans.


With this project, KotorArt has managed to gather some of the biggest festivals of art music in the region, such as Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Ljubljana Festival, Belgrade Festivals Center (BELEF and BEMUS), organization of Vox Baroque from Albania and F. Chopin Foundation from Kosovo.


The competition was fierce and where out of 300 applied projects from around Europe, only 13 have been supported, whereby #synergy is the only project whose main activity is classical music, and the only chosen project with organization from Montenegro as the project holder. On top of it all, this is the first time within the Creative Europe program, that the holder of a supported project is an organization from Montenegro.


The goals of this project are training and connecting of cultural workers, primarily those involved in festivals and art music, then encouraging the composition of new works of classical music inspired by the local heritage of all given countries, starting with Kotor and Montenegro, as well as connecting and collaborating of young musicians. composers and organizations dealing with art music in the Western Balkans.


We are so pleased that the EU recognized the significance of our idea. Having in mind current unusual circumstances which we are all encountering and which are guiding us to keep social distance, we believe that it is extremely important that the EU has recognized our desire to deeply fasten the cooperation at the international level and at the same time to represent the local heritage and artists and so further contribute the development of art music in this part of Europe. – stated Sara Mandic, production manager of the Festival and project manager of #synergy


During three years, the project will bring together 12 composers, over 50 young musicians and managers in culture, 6 seminars for cultural professionals, 12 residences for composers where 12 new works will be created, inspired by the cultural heritage of the region and Europe itself. As the grand finale of the project, a festival tour is planned to present composers, new compositions and young musicians during summer festivals across the Western Balkans.